The Sports Performance Program is ran by Triangle Therapeutics, it's sister entity, an Outpatient Physical Therapy Facility.

We are a group of health care professionals and movement specialists who are trained to be able to maximize an athlete’s ability to perform. We pride ourselves on our ability to screen for movement impairments and biomechanical errors that could help our athletes prevent future injury. We are movement specialists who help kids and young adults ages 10-18 reach their performance goals.

Our goal with the Triangle Sports Performance Program is to create athletes who are maximizing their ability to perform in a way that is safe and proven to be effective. We want to pride a service to our community so that our athletes can gain the competitive edge to excel at a high level and reach their performance goals. We believe that our knowledge and the hard work of our course participants will form a perfect combination in creating a better athlete.

George Orebe |  Head Sports Performance Coach

George is a Physical Therapy Technician and Sports Performance Coach here at our facility. He played college football at Lamar University where he has acquired a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. George is currently working on his Masters degree in Public Health. George has experience with athletes of all levels and is an expert in ensuring that all exercises are performed with precision and accuracy to provide optimal results. George has a passion for sports and helping people reach their goals. 


Naquan "Nate" Smith|  Sports Performance Assistant Coach

Naquan is a certified personal trainer and Triangle Sports Performance coach here at our facility. He attended Gambling State University in Gambling, LA, where he received a scholarship to play football. While there, he acquired a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sports Management and also a Masters degree in Sports Administration. Naquan exemplifies himself as being a motivator and a great coach. When you come in contact with Naquan he will make sure you push yourself to get the very best out of you t the point where success is at the end. .