Train Like a Champ!


Did you know that June is National Running Month?

At +BEYOND Fitness, we want to encourage everyone to get out there and run!

Maybe you are already out there and running and training for your next 5K, half-marathon or marathon. Maybe you have already ran one and are training for the next.

Do you want to win your next marathon or finish with a time you have been dreaming about? There is always room for progress when it comes to training for anything. I’m here to give you a few awesome training tips for marathon training!

  • When training for a marathon you want to find your right running technique. The perfect stride that can help you go the distance and accomplish your goal. Choppy strides will waste your energy and only cover less distance. Over reaching stride on the other hand will fatigue your muscles.
  • Training for a marathon requires a lot of running, therefore practice running but running shouldn’t be the only thing you do while traing for your marathon. Cross train to improve your overall fitness level, most importantly give your bones and joints some rest from running so much. Examples of cross – training workouts ae, yoga, weight training, swimming and cycling.
  • Have a traing plan, wear a heart rate monitor, and a really good watch. Keep notes of your mile splits. Watch your body improve over time, watch your time get better and faster, Set goals and work toward them, stay accountable to yourself.
  • Train with style, tunes, and hydrate, wear the perfect running shoes and gear for training. Listen to the best tunes that makes you excited. Also drink plenty of fluids, water, Gatorade. Bad shoes = injury. Lack of hydration = Fatigue, and dehydration.


When running your next marathon, run like you’ve trained. Don’t think about the distance. Just GO.

Happy training!