The Top 3 Benefits of Group Exercising


So they say, no man is an island! It goes the same for exercising with a group of people, whether it's with your friends or family or you're up to meeting new people .... it's just more fun with a crowd. Here are the benefits of exercising with a group:

1. You are more motivated when others are struggling with you.

When I started working out, I used to hate struggling in front of people. I hated it so much that going to a gym made me uncomfortable and I would go at hours I knew people wouldn’t be there. When I joined a class I realized a few things:

>>>> that EVERYONE struggles

>>>> that everyone has a weakness and nobody is Superman

>>>> that  We all make those “Gym grunts” and “funny strain faces”

So being a part of a group is fun because you won’t feel singled out!

2.  You feel accountable to be there.

From the years of playing sports I learned that when you practice together as a team that is where chemistry is made. You become somewhat of a family and feel your role in the team. When you are a part of a team you feel obligated to be at every practice. Being a part of a class is the same thing! You will end up feeling like you’re a team and will want to be there. You will feel obligated to be there and help motivate your group!

3.  You can all get results in an uplifting environment.

It’s always hard to start working out because of thoughts such as, “I look funny doing this” or “My form is bad and don’t want others watching me”. Negative thoughts will always hold people back. The great thing about being a part of a group is that you are all doing the same thing. You are all learning together. And you have trainers who are in there to help you use correct form. The environment is completely different than anything you have ever done before. Like I said in the last section, you will feel like a TEAM.

Ready to have fun and get motivated with a group? Check out our Group Fitness Classes. I'll see you there!

------   Cutler