The Importance of Active Senior Citizens

Several months ago, +BEYOND Fitness introduced a new program at our facility called SilverSneakers. What is SilverSneakers, you ask? Silver Sneakers is the nation’s leading exercise program designed exclusively for Medicare-eligible adults. SilverSneakers offers physical activity, health education and social events to help reduce health care costs driven by the physical and mental effects of aging and physician and hospital visits.

So, in light of us introducing this new program, I have decided to right about how important it is for senior citizens to stay physically active the older that they get.

Studies show that over 60% of senior citizens who are inactive. If you think about it, the number is probably even higher when you think about those in assisted living homes. Many older people might not realize what inactivity can do in their lives as they age.

1. Have you ever thought of exercise as a social activity?

Community walking groups and exercise classes targeted for older folks such as water aerobics all offer a chance for seniors to connect with other people their age and allows them to talk about the latest social news. Being around others with the same goal (staying active, losing weight) allows them to become more motivated and engaged in a healthier lifestyle.

2. A healthier active life leads to a healthier mood. 

Think about how you feel after you exercise, be it anything from a 30-minute after dinner walk with you spouse and dog to a full workout at the gym. You feel pretty good afterwards, right? Have you ever experienced that "runners high?" It's proven that no matter what your age, any amount of activity is not only good for your body but it's AMAZING for your mood! Older people often start to experience depression and mood swings as they age. Their children move away, sometimes illness affects a spouse and they pass away and as a result, they often feel alone. If you know of someone who could benefit from being more active, help them out!

3. Like anyone else, consistent exercise strengthens mobility and strength. 

We all know that muscles deteriorate over time, so it is important to keep that in mind as you get older. When senior citizens don't let muscles do their job, they start to experience problems like an unsteady gait, poor blood flow, and difficulty breathing and walking. An active life can help greatly with these issues and means fewer doctor visits!

4. Healthy physical activity = healthy mental activity. 

Mental health declines as he get older, and it's been proven that physical activity slows that decline. A more active lifestyle increases blood flow which in turn encourages cell growth. All of this leads to better mental health and cognitive functioning.


So see, promoting a healthy physical lifestyle in your senior benefits them in every way! If you think you know a senior that might benefit from more physical activity, have them stop by or call us at +BEYOND Fitness. The SilverSneakers and Prime Fitness programs that we offer not only allow those with Medicare to have free/discounted gym memberships, but those with other insurances as well.

If you would like to find out if your insurance qualifies, please call us at 409.347.8373 or come by for a tour at 2990 Laurel Avenue Ste. B in Beaumont!