The Do's & Don'ts of Training While Pregnant

Pregnancy can be both an exciting and nerve-racking experience in a woman's life, especially when it's her first. With all the blogs/articles out there, one can easily become overwhelmed and feel like they have to sit in a padded room for the next nine months. However, I'm here to tell you that's not the case!

Working out is extremely important during your pregnancy for many reasons: 1. It boosts your energy levels. What energy levels, you might ask? While pregnancy itself can do quite the opposite, exercising will in fact help re-energize you! 2. Sleep Better. Enough said! 3. Reduces pregnancy discomfort. 4. Prepare for childbirth. Yikes! 5. Reduces Stress. Now that's a word all pregnant women are familiar with! 6. Improve your self-image. 7. Helps get your body back after baby! That in itself is enough!

While every pregnancy is different and each person should first consult their doctor, it's normal to hear that you can continue your regular schedule upon hearing the exciting news that you're expecting, which also includes your gym routine. The key is not to start something new during this time. Just stick with what you know best and you (and baby) will be just fine!
The "Do's" when working out for two! 1. DO stay hydrated!! WATER WATER WATER! 2. DO keep your cardio at a low-moderate intensity level. Sorry, ladies, no Tabata classes for you! 3. DO continue to (safely) lift weights. You'll need those biceps to carry that heavy car seat once baby arrives! 4. DO listen to your body! Some workouts will be less then others and that's OK!
While there are plenty of things you can do while pregnant, there are also quite a few "Don'ts". 
1. DON'T lay flat on your back after the first trimester. Use an incline bench if needed.
2. DON'T push yourself. This is NOT the time to break any personal bests.
3. DON'T overstretch. Regular stretching is fine, but be careful not to go beyond what you know you can do, even if that hormone Relaxin tells you otherwise.
4. DON'T diet. In fact, make sure you consume extra (healthy) calories on training days.
Wishing you and baby the happiest, healthiest next 9 months.... and BEYOND :)