5 Reasons Why Our Sports Performance Program is Different

Hello folks! We can't believe it but 2017 is here & yes, the 3rd Training session for our Sports Performance Program is just around the corner, it starts January 9! We have helped many kids in the past two training sessions & we are more passionate than ever to help more kids & young adults in our community achieve their highest level as an athlete. Now we know you have a choice as to where to send your kids for Athletic Training or a Sports Program; but hear us out as to why we are different!

1/ Our program is designed & overseen by healthcare professionals & movement specialists.

Allow us to toot our own horns a bit but our program is designed and overseen by a highly qualified Doctor of Physical Therapy and fellow in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists, facilitated by a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist & the program is backed by Triangle Therapeutics, the best Outpatient Physical Therapy facility in Southeast Texas {Reader's Choice 3 years in a row!}. Now we know, credentials are not everything but when it comes to athletic & sports training, minimizing the risk of injury & laying a foundation of the proper way to play is at it's core and because of that, experience & knowledge matters.

2/ We screen for Movement Impairments & Biomechanical Errors.

Big words we know & sorry but simply; Movement Impairments are movement that is diminished, weakened or damaged & Biomechanical Errors is the analysis of issues within the forces that affects the body & it's structures. While other programs may give you a cookie-cutter approach to improve your performance, we look at each specific client to determine the issues that is hampering their performance & may put them at a high risk for injury. We ensure we take this into account & tailor their program respectively to address these issues.

3/ We use specific measurement tools and outcome measures.

We don't just tell you that your kids are better, we show you! At the start of the program, we perform tests to establish their baseline function & track their progress accordingly. In Sports, it's all about objective results and we will perform and deliver!

4/ We provide a safe environment.

Let's circle back to #1 shall we? As healthcare professionals, we ensure our environment is safe & our clients truly cared for.

5/ Our crew is fun, friendly & approachable.

While credentials matter, passion, integrity & service is still at the heart of our Company & every program we make. Our crew is the best {well, second only to our amazing members & clients}! If you haven't met Dustin, George & Garret, you are in for a real treat! You can approach & ask them questions anytime, they are truly concerned about you & your progress, they are amazing motivators and they sure make this sometimes grueling program oh-so-fun!

E-mails:  DustinC@TriangleTherapeutics.com, George.Beyond@TriangleTherapeutics.com, Garret.Beyond@TriangleTherapeutics.com

Remember the 3rd Training Session is starting soon! Click here for more information.

Post Content by Dr. Dustin Craver PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, CSCS