If You Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.

In our everyday lives, our attention and time are always centered on something we are doing. Hopefully that something includes your health and overall well-being. I found an interesting article from men’s fitness that focuses on males and females on the subject of meal preps and the difference between those who succeed and those that fail. Meal prepping is a crucial step for individuals who are serious about weight loss. Like all other things, its definitely a process. You might not get it completely right on the first try but there is always room for improvement!

It only takes a few hours Sunday afternoon to make a quick trip to the grocery store and then to come home and prepare everything for the week. It's so easy and so much better than running out and getting fast food on your lunch break or stopping at McDonalds for breakfast in the morning. If you have everything prepared beforehand, you can have extra time in the morning to get ready for your day. Running late? No problem! Grab it out of the fridge or freezer and be on your way!

How much time do you spend making your meals every day?

"If you fail to plan, plan to fail," suggests new research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. In the study, 1,319 adults were asked about the amount of time they spent preparing, cooking, and cleaning up after meals. Of the respondents:

16% said that they spent less than 1 hour on food prep

43% said they prepped for 1 to 2 hours

41% said that they prepped for 2 hours a day or more.

Not surprisingly, spending less than 1 hour a day preparing food at home is associated with eating more fast food, while spending more time on meal prep is linked to better dietary habits, like eating more fruits and vegetables. Also, those who worked outside of the home spent less time prepping meals.

So, if you are on a serious weight loss journey, remember to set aside some time to meal prep!


Happy prepping! -Lorence