Introducing JUMP START

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Are you wanting to start a fitness journey but don’t know where to begin?

Jump Start Circuit Training is a full-body resistance and strength training workout with a mix of cardio. Perfect for every fitness level that uses light to moderate weights with detailed movements to tone and shape your body, and cardio steps for beginners to advance people. With Circuit Training, you will get a full body workout & cardio done in just 30 minutes. You will leave feeling motivated and ready to come back for more!

Meet your new best friend & Fitness Instructor

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Naquan "Nate" Smith is certified personal trainer, Triangle Sports Performance coach, and the creator and Fitness Instructor of JUMP START here at our facility. He attended Grambling State University in Grambling, LA, where he received a scholarship to play football. While there he acquired a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sports Management and also a Masters degree in Sports Administration. Naquan exemplifies himself as being a motivator and great coach. When you come in contact with Naquan he will make sure you push yourself to get the very best out of you to the point where success is at the end.

This is a FREE class open to all members and non-members. Jump Start will begin on August 29th, classes will be on Tuesdays @ 5:30pm & Fridays @ 12pm.





Why Cardio is Better on Your Body Post Weight Training

Although cardio is essential to any workout routine, there are times when it's better for you to do it so that you can obtain maximum results. Cardio after weight training is one way that you can accomplish this. Ultimately, this could end up being a lot safer for you and that is what is most important to us.


Weight training is all about form. Correct form not only helps you in the long run, but it also prevents you from having major muscle pain or even worse, hurting yourself to a great extent. Hurting yourself would ultimately land you next door at our physical therapy clinic. As much as we would love to see you over there, we would rather it be under better circumstances. :)

If you do your full cardio workout before, you will use up all of your energy then and not have a whole lot to give when you weight train afterwards, therefore compromising your form. Because you don't have a lot of energy, you may not be able to lift/squat as heavy as you would normally.

Essentially, a lot of your muscle growth comes from those last 2-3 reps that you do in the last set when you are struggling, sweating and grunting (sound familiar?). With more energy, you could easily power through that with little problem. Without the energy that you would have used up in the cardio session, you would have either A) given up or B) decreased your weights for the last set, which would not benefit you as much as the other sets with a high resistance would.

Now for women, it's a little different. Most women don't want to gain a whole lot of muscle mass, we are just looking for some definition. Ya know, a just little lift to the lower portion and a little toning to the upper. ;) So, if you are a woman and don't lift or squat with a whole lot of weight, then it's perfectly fine to get some cardio in before your weight training.

Like we said, we like to have patients next door at Triangle Therapeutics, but if the injury can be prevented in the first place, we try everything we can to educate you, like in these blogs. Stay tuned every other week for more topic discussion! Have a topic you want us to cover? Let us know in the comments!

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Happy Training!


New School Year = Busy Schedules.

With the upcoming school year approaching, a lot of lives are about to get really, really busy. However, that doesn't mean that your healthy routine needs to come to and end! We know it will be tempting to indulge in sweet teacher treats from parents and you will indeed get to the point to where you are so busy with helping your children out with sports and homework that you will have no motivation to work out and fast food sounds so good because it's, well, fast.

We are here to give our teachers and busy parents some tips on how to stay healthy and active during the upcoming school year.

1. Commit to a specific schedule. Set aside some time from your busy schedule and choose two mornings/afternoons during the week when you can maybe squeeze in a small workout or cook a healthy meal for your family.

2. Utilize the weekend. We know teachers and parents are very busy during the week with waking up early, staying up late preparing for the next class day or grading papers. The weekend is a perfect time to squeeze in a good workout (even just one!). Sundays are a great day to meal prep!

3. Keep your workouts at a high priority. When you set a goal for yourself. Make workouts a high priority, even if it's a 30 minute walk after dinner. The key is to ALWAYS stay active. Write down your plan ahead of time before the week starts and stay committed to it!

4. Don't beat yourself up. It's okay if you miss a couple of days! We all know you are busy and other priorities are high, but we want to make sure that you are taking care of yourself and squeezing in time for YOU and your health.

Stay active, teachers!

- George Orebe