Meal Prepping 101

Do you want to start meal prepping for the week but are not sure where to begin? It's all about planning and staying on track! We know it's hard when the boss has Mexican food catered on Thursday (just when you have been doing so well all week!) or decides to bring in some yummy cupcakes for an afternoon sugar pick-me-up to get you through the rest of your Friday workday.It's especially hard if you are like me and have a HUGE sweet tooth (this is why I stay away from the break room and keep dark chocolate in my desk drawer). :)

I have finally decided that next week I'm going to FINALLY start meal prepping so I won't be so tempted to get off track or to go out for lunch or dinner during the week.


Here are a few tips that I have compiled from various fitness blogs and advice that friends have given me.

1. Plan & Shop. The best advice would be to do this on a Sunday. You are most likely going to be off all (if not, most) of the day. Research healthy recipes that are simple and easy to make on Pinterest or fitness blogs. Also, choose ones that would be easy to freeze and thaw out later if you need to. Make a list of what you need and the quantities. Now it's time to go shopping! Locally, I like to go to Kroger or HEB for any of my grocery shopping. There is a wider selection of healthy snacks (for mid-morning and -afternoon) and their fruits and veggies are far more fresh than any other grocery store, in my opinion. If you are meal prepping for more than just you, I would suggest going to Sam's or Costco and buying things in bulk! Want to shop more locally? Visit the Farmer's Market! They have recently started up again for the summer. Also, on my list is tupperware that is sectioned off to make measuring your portions a lot easier!

2. Time to cook and prepare! When coming back from the store, if you ahve anything frozen that you are about to prepare like chicken or fish, keep it out and let it thaw while you are laying out the other food items and prepping them (cutting veggies, etc). Start with breakfast and work your way through each day and then through the week! To start off, make a few of your breakfast meals simple so you are not overwhelmed. Start off with something quick like a protein shake that you can just throw into a Blender bottle and a banana. Or perhaps have ingredients for a smoothie already in a bag in the freezer and just pop it into the blender before you leave for work in the morning!

3. Put it all away! Now it's time to put it all in the fridge and have it ready for your work week! Put it all in tuppleware containers along with a couple of bags of salad and you are all set to grab it out of the fridge on your way out the door! Have any extra meat or frozen items? Be sure to stick them back in the freezer for later! :)

I hope these tips help you with the meal prepping portion of your fitness journey! If you have any tips as well that are not listed above, feel free to leave a comment below for others to see!


Happy Healthy Eating, friends! - Lauren