Making Running Easier

It's almost summertime, the time when all kind of marathons and 5K's are popping up all over the place. If part of your fitness goals is to run something like that this year, but you're not much of a runner, follow these tip below that will make your process a little easier!  

Running should be fun, easy and most importantly it should feel good. Here are some tips on how to make running easier and less difficult!

1. Comfortable clothing. Buy some work out gear that makes you physically and mentally comfortable.



2. Comfortable new shoes. A runner should change their running shoes every 300-400 miles of use. New shoes and comfortable socks makes running a lot easier! Research different brands of shoes and insoles that will be comfortable for whatever type of arch you have in your foot. For instance, there is a certain type of Nike shoe, called Lunar Glide, is really good for people with flat feet.

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3. Drink plenty of H2O! Always hydrate before and after running, summer is around the corner, dehydration is very bad. Drinking more water, makes running a lot easier, and it helps eliminate dizziness and fatigue.


4. Improve running form. Improved running form makes running a lot easier. Taking shorter strides and smaller steps saves you a lot of energy. When running is very important, keeping the eye focused on a target makes the distance seem closer and helps you focus on your goal. Proper posture is very important as well: a good lean forward from the ankles not the hips, takes some of the work from the runner’s legs.




5. Entertainment. Running should NOT be boring! Download some music. iTunes will usually have suggestions for workout playlists or you can always Google "workout playlists." An even better way to make it more fun is to drag a friend along with you! The best part about fitness goals is having someone there to take the journey with you.



6. Recovery. After running, take some time to recover, cool down, hydrate, and stretch. The muscles needs time to recoup, and get ready for your next run.




Happy Running!  -George