Why Run?

We're talking about running today in honor of National Running Day earlier this month!

It’s been said that exercise is a form of medicine. That’s definitely no joke! Simply 30 minutes of activity a day can do more for your body than you probably realize. Studies have shown that running can help prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and so much more. So, is that it? Of course not! Running can not only help you physically, but mentally and emotionally.


1. Joint problems? Running helps strengthen you bones and promotes overall joint health, especially with knee pain. We know what you are thinking – running is bad for your knees though, right? Not necessarily. Studies have shown that people with bad knee problems do not usually have a history of running, where as those who don’t have knee pain at all do. The best thing you can do for yourself is find the right pair of shoes and make sure you are running correctly. Form is everything!


2. Running can help you in your weight loss journey. Everyone knows that cardio burns the most calories, even after your session – it’s called the “after burn.” You don’t even have to be running quickly to achieve this either! Run at a little faster than your slowest pace, but not quite as quick as your fastest.


3. Running improves happiness and overall mood. You have heard of “runners high.” Studies have shown that just simply those 30 active minutes a day can immediately improve your mood and the more you do it, the effects will soon become long-term.


4. Running will add years to your life and keep your mind sharp as you age. It’s plain and simple – a healthier body leads to a longer living body. Regular activity also regular exercise helps defeat age-related mental decline, particularly functions like task switching, selective attention, and working memory.


So there you have it, folks! Running is probably one of the best things you can do to your body. Not much of a runner yet but want to improve? Couch to 5K workout plans are good options. Remember to find a good pair of running shoes as well. For those of you in our area, our friends at On the Run in the Colonnade will be glad to help you find the running shoe fit for your needs!

Now get out there and hit the trails!

Is it OK for Young Athletes to Start Training?

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 3.52.32 PM
Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 3.52.32 PM

With the launch of our new Triangle Sports Performance Summer Program, we want to talk about the benefits of sports training for young athletes.

So, the answer is OF COURSE!

Young children are encouraged to get out and participate in physical activity, especially in this technology driven generation where cell phones, video games and TV shows pull us inside and on the couch. Physical activity can easily be obtained through PE classes and through any kind of sport that they might play.

However, young athletes that are serious about their sport need a different kind of training as they continue to develop and grow in the developing young stages of their lives. The specific training is targeted around the developmental stages that the athletes are going through and aims to lessen/prevent injury during practice or a game.

Training usually consists of a combination of resistance training and strength training. Not only does strength training help promote bone and muscle growth, it also helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure, cholesterol level and weight. The last benefits may not be super beneficial for them now, but they will definitely be thankful for it when they get older.

The internal effects are just as important as the external. What are the external, you ask? Training can easily boost a young athletes confidence and self-esteem. Think of your child scoring that touchdown or goal during the soccer game and having a crowd cheer for them. Can you imagine the smile on their face as their team high fives them?


During our program at +BEYOND Fitness, our goal is to help our athletes reach their performance goals, gain a competitive edge and minimize their risk of injury. Our coaches have a passion for helping athletes to achieve their goals and love to see their students excel and get stronger and better. The classes start on May 2nd and last through July 22nd and will be on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6PM at BEYOND Fitness. During a special free trial, we have already seen fantastic results in our athletes and we can't wait to see what kind of results that the summer program will bring us!

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.21.44 AM
Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.21.44 AM

Do you think your young athlete would be a good candidate for our program? Contact the TSP Program Developer and +BEYOND's Health and Fitness Director, Dustin Craver, at dustinc@triangletherapeutics.com

Want to take a look at our facility and see what +BEYOND Fitness is all about before you try it? Come on by for a tour from one of our Fitness Associates! We are open Monday thru Friday 5AM-10PM and Saturday &  Sunday 7AM-7PM.

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Tis the Season for Running!


Fall is a prime time in our area when running events start to happen almost every weekend. Have you been inspired lately to run in a 5K or 10K but are not much of a runner or haven't ran in a while? We have some awesome tips to get you started or to help get you back on the track!

1. Warm Up.

If you happen to be a faster runner with a goal pace significantly quicker than your training pace, do no more than 10 minutes of light jogging and finish 15 minutes before you start. Precede to follow your jog with stretching (see stretching suggestions below).

2. Start Slow.

Run the first two to three miles with 10-15 seconds per mile slower than your goal pace. This preserves precious glycogen stores for later in the race so you can finish strong.

3. Drink early, drink often.

Take a sports drink to the first aid station and every one after. Taking in carbohydrates and fluid early will help postpone or prevent serious dehydration or carbohydrate depletion later, so you'll be a lot more likely to maintain your pace.

4. Eat breakfast.

As you sleep, your brain was active and using the glycogen (stored carbohydrate) from your liver. Breakfast restocks those stores, so you will be less likely to run out of fuel. Aim for a few hundred calories, such as a bagel and banana or toast and a sports bar.


1. IT Band Stretch

Gains, gains, gains!

Most guys spend their entire life going to gyms, following a diet, performing endless reps and sets, and NEVER gain more than a few pounds of muscle. Yes, you may become very healthy, but if you are like me, you also want to see results. Many men start to think "maybe my genes just aren't made for size." Let's change that mindset.


Rule #1: To gain the weight and mass that you would like you have to eat and lift big. It may seem obvious but the first rul is that you have to eat more calories than you burn. If you are struggling to gain weight, it's usually that you just simply aren't eating enough. Make sure to take in the right amount of protein and carbs each day. Carbs are very important when trying to gain weight.

Rule #2: Double or triple your protein intake. A good rule I like to follow is you should take a gram of protein for each pound of your body weight. If there is a type of food you want to eat more of, your top choice should be something full of protein.

Rule #3: Simple - lift heavier weights! There is a time and place for high rep counts but when trying to gain mass, it is NOT the time. Why? Focusing on heavier weights increases your strength and you will slowly start using more weight for more reps. As your total work capacity increases (amount of weight used times the number of reps you perform), you will start to add more mass.


Rule #4: The most simple and enjoyable of all of the rules. Get a lot of sleep! Getting enough sleep helps your body grow and repair itself. Not getting enough sleep will keep your muscles from growing and you will feel sore longer. When you are getting enough sleep, your growth hormone levels will continue to increase. Your goal should be to prioritize your rest just as much as your meals and workout.

Following these rules and just simply putting in the work needed will help you put on the mass that you desire and get you one step closer to your fitness goals!

Stay strong my fitness friends! - Garrett

New School Year = Busy Schedules.

With the upcoming school year approaching, a lot of lives are about to get really, really busy. However, that doesn't mean that your healthy routine needs to come to and end! We know it will be tempting to indulge in sweet teacher treats from parents and you will indeed get to the point to where you are so busy with helping your children out with sports and homework that you will have no motivation to work out and fast food sounds so good because it's, well, fast.

We are here to give our teachers and busy parents some tips on how to stay healthy and active during the upcoming school year.

1. Commit to a specific schedule. Set aside some time from your busy schedule and choose two mornings/afternoons during the week when you can maybe squeeze in a small workout or cook a healthy meal for your family.

2. Utilize the weekend. We know teachers and parents are very busy during the week with waking up early, staying up late preparing for the next class day or grading papers. The weekend is a perfect time to squeeze in a good workout (even just one!). Sundays are a great day to meal prep!

3. Keep your workouts at a high priority. When you set a goal for yourself. Make workouts a high priority, even if it's a 30 minute walk after dinner. The key is to ALWAYS stay active. Write down your plan ahead of time before the week starts and stay committed to it!

4. Don't beat yourself up. It's okay if you miss a couple of days! We all know you are busy and other priorities are high, but we want to make sure that you are taking care of yourself and squeezing in time for YOU and your health.

Stay active, teachers!

- George Orebe