Anything You Need To Know About Proteins

So, what are proteins?Proteins are one of the most important groups of molecules in the human body. They are combinations of small chemical compounds called amino acids. These are like the bricks or building blocks of a building, or in this case the building blocks to your body.

What are proteins used for in our bodies? - helps control hormones - carries oxygen to cells - recovery of broken down muscles, bones, and tissue (this is why it's good to have protein after you work out!)

High Protein Foods Chicken Red meats Fish Eggs Nuts/Seeds Yogurt Beans Cheese (Choose carefully)

Protein Supplements Protein supplements can be used for many things. Bodybuilders use protein to help gain mass and muscle. However, it can also be used as a meal replacement when trying to cut or lose weight. There are different types of protein and it helps to understand the benefits of each kind to choose what is best for you. Here is a quick summary of the main three you will see sold in nutrition stores.

Whey Protein This is a great starting point for beginners and those looking to add protein to their diet without making your wallet lighter. Whey concentrate can be used both pre and post workout and can also be used as a snack in between meals. This is not a preferred source of protein to be used at night.

Casein Protein If you are looking for a protein that will slowly breakdown over the course of several hours that you can use as a meal, or better yet right before you go to bed then casein protein is definitely the way to go. Before bed if you take in casein protein you will stay anabolic throughout the night and will be able to utilize the protein in your body.

Whey Isolates Isolates are one of the quickest absorbing proteins but not the quickest. Isolates are great for people on low carb diets. . Isolates are great pre and post workout as they are absorbed quickly and can supply the muscle the nutrients needed to help recover and grow.


Remember to always balance your protein intake for your fitness needs.

“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen”

Stay fit my friends.