At our Fitness Center, we believe that being fit is more important than how you look; that your health should be first and foremost, front and center when starting an exercise program. That a healthy blood pressure beats the bulk of your biceps any day. That a pain-free, flawless moving knee after surgery is more important than tight buns. Our Fitness center is overseen by a Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) and certified by the American Academy of Health & Fitness (AAHRP) & our Sports Performance Training is supervised by a Physical Therapist. We will ensure that your exercise program is safe, effective & will achieve lifelong results.


Medical Exercise

Medical Exercise bridges the gap between Healthcare & Fitness. Today, the average individual have fitness goals hampered by medical conditions; whether it’s diabetes, high blood pressure or recovering from a joint replacement surgery or weight-loss surgery. Medical Exercise helps ensure that fitness regimens are safe and effective.

Overseen by a Medical Exercise Specialist {MES}, Medical Exercise Training {MET} associate, we focus on improving the health & fitness of those in our Community with different medical concerns.

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Medical Exercise Specialties


• Shoulder Problems

• Back Problems

• Knee Problems

• Difficulty Walking

And more ...

• Diabetes

• Obesity

• High Blood Pressure

• Arthritis

And more ...


• Rotator Cuff Surgery

• Hip Replacements

• Knee Replacements

• Weight Loss Surgery

And more ...


Sports Performance Training

Designed & overseen by a Physical Therapist, our Sports Performance Training is geared towards kids & young adults to:

  • Reach their Performance Goals & Gain a Competitive Edge
  • Excel at a high level as an athlete
  • Minimize the risk of injury
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“The Sports Performance Training is the program my son needed, amazing results!” ~ W.S.

Senior Fitness

We are partners with Programs that provides eligible Seniors for a Free Gym Membership with us! Whether you are experiencing balance problems or a lack of energy, we are here for you, because the golden years should remain golden.
We are partners with the Silver Sneakers & Silver and Fit Program

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“All the people here made me feel so at ease. I have my energy back & can now play w/ my grandkids” ~ B.D.


Membership Prices





$120 savings!!


$240 savings!! BEST VALUE!


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